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Throughout history authors have followed careers much different from the nature of their written work.

Christopher Marlowe was a spy. Daniel Defoe ran a brickyard. William Empson was a mathematician. Eliot was a banker. Kafka worked for an insurance company. Some, like Genet and Villon, were criminals.

John-Ivan Palmer is the only known literary author who is a stage hypnotist. "I am a writer playing the role of hypnotist, not the reverse."

His wide travels and unusual experiences on all levels of society are reflected in the diversity of his highly disciplined work, described variously as authentic, daring and bizarre. Joy Stocke or Wild River Review describes his writing as "fascinating because it touches on issues near the intersection of culture, politics and religion (in the metaphysical sense)."

His journalism has appeared in large circulation newspapers like the San Francisco Chronicle, Minneapolis Star and Milwaukee Journal. His Pushcart Prize winning poetry and fiction have appeared in Wisconsin Review, New Oregon Review, Other Voices, Broken Streets, Nth Position and Wild River Review. For 13 years he wrote for Your Flesh Quarterly, the premier journal of underground and shock culture. His many interviews, articles and reviews of the latest avant-garde artists and their work were widely read internationally and were mentioned in Newsweek magazine. He interviewed controversial and history-making people like anthropologist Napoleon Chagnon, film-maker Richard Kern, comic book artist Frank Miller, dissident cartoonist Mirko Ilic, manga artist Suehiro Maruo, crime journalist Sondra London and feminist radicals Karen Finley, Annie Sprinkle and Brenda Tattlebaum among many others.

His recent work, such as Motels of Burning Madness, features a literary approach to delusional conscious states such as influence, fascination and control. Work in progress includes the memoir, House of Illusion, Growing Up in the World of Professional Stage Magic. See the link above, "Published Work Since 2000," for his latest work in print.

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