Author Bio

John-Ivan Palmer applies a disciplined, belletristic style to a wide range of outsider topics, making them universally accessible in their deeper humanitarian insights. He writes for readers “who are solitary yet worldly and curious about opening strange doors to see what’s on the other side.” Tom Bradley’s irreverent interview with Palmer in Exquisite Corpse, A Journal of Art and Life ( describes the author as an “odd and versatile figure in the literary world, whose fiction, poetry, essays, interviews, and literary criticism [are] often perceived as scholarly performances in the Devil’s Theater.”

Palmer’s recent work explores narrative non-fiction in new dimensions of literary refinement in recently published work listed below.

Recently published:

“Magnetic Reality: Setting the Stage of Mass Murder in School,” Vector Magazine, 2017 ( Included is the author’s encounter with Jeff Weise at Red Lake Indian Reservation High School. Eighteen months later Weise murdered nine people at the same school.

“The Forgotten One” (memoir of the author’s millionaire grandfather who disappeared and how he was found) in the summer 2017 issue of the Israeli journal Ilanot Review ( This article was nominated for the Best on the Net Award for 2017.

“The Real Live Scandinavian Folk Dancer: Teddy Qualls, Lost Freak From the Heart of Darkness,” appears in the winter issue of Whistling Shade (

“Kissing in Church” (short story) appears in the spring issue of Literary Nest (

“Dragged Around by the Great Maurice,” a study in X-rated stage hypnotism, appears in Hypnopomp Literary Journal, issue 4, 2018 (

Dining With the Breatharians, Those Who Eat Only Air,” (illustrated article),  Whistling Shade, spring, 2018 (

“The Reptilian,” flash fiction in the anthology The Whisper Place: Ellipsis Zine #4, published by in the UK, 2018, (print only)


“Massage Parlor Honeymoon” and “Face Focus Burn Hole” (poems), Issue 9 Modern Poetry Quarterly Review (