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Minneapolis/St. Paul Corporate & High School Hypnotist

Hilariously Funny — AND CLEAN!

Comedy hypnotist and memory expert John-Ivan Palmer™ specializes in corporate banquets, sales meetings, holiday parties, awards banquets and team building retreats in Minneapolis, St. Paul and throughout Minnesota and the Midwest.

His clean comedy improv show features stage hypnotism so hilarious you will literally fall out of your chair! John-Ivan Palmer’s™ comedy is modern, hip and based on what is truly funny, not just shocking. At corporate conventions and holiday parties he tastefully and without embarrassment presents stage hypnotism as a refreshingly different way to enjoy an evening with friends and colleagues. His fast-paced feats of photographic memory, enhanced by comedy, are rarely seen anywhere on stage and are the result of many years of experience.

John-Ivan Palmer™ is the hypnotist of two NBA basketball teams, the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Washington Wizards. He has appeared with many famous stars at fairs and casinos and is seen widely on TV throughout the US and many foreign countries. During his long and distinguished career he has been in high demand as a comedy hypnotist because of his show’s tasteful and sophisticated appeal to audiences of all kinds.

John-Ivan Palmer™ has been a feature at college comedy shows from Iceland to Japan. All-Night High School Graduation Parties and Post Proms are also the perfect setting for his comedy stage hypnotism show, giving students a chance to get wild under the careful and safe control of a world-famous comedy hypnotist and the watchful eyes of caring parents. His hypnotism assembly programs at high schools, featuring feats of photographic memory, have been endorsed by State Student Councils in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa and throughout the Midwest.

John-Ivan Palmer™ is the famous son of a famous father, the internationally renowned magician Jack Pyle. Palmer grew up among all the celebrities of his father’s generation, like Sophie Tucker, Hank Williams, Brenda Lee, Teresa Brewer, Bob Hope, George Gobel and many others. Continuing a lifelong tradition, Palmer has appeared with Kenny Rogers, Jerry Lee Lewis, Ray Charles, the Statler Brothers, Chubby Checker, Louie Anderson, and Jeff Cesario, among others. The Washington Post and ESPN News Magazine recently reported on Palmer’s work with NBA sports teams where famous players became horses and ballet dancers. For a full sample of John-Ivan Palmer’s™ press reviews and TV appearances, please send for free press kit and DVD.

For press reviews, high level endorsements and DVD ask for a FREE PRESS KIT.

Comedy Hypnotist John-Ivan Palmer™ performs frequently in these areas:

  • Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • St. Paul, Minnesota
  • Duluth, Minnesota
  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Green Bay, Wisconsin
  • Madison, Wisconsin
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Omaha, Nebraska
  • Fargo, North Dakota
  • Bismarck, North Dakota
  • Sioux Falls, South Dakota
  • Rapid City, South Dakota
  • Des Moines, Iowa
  • Kansas City, Kansas
  • Kansas City, Missouri
  • St. Louis, Missouri

Corporate Shows

  • Banquets
  • Awards
  • Company Picnics
  • Sales Meetings
  • Family Nights
  • Break-out Sessions
  • Holiday Events
  • Special Promotions

Recent Corporate Clients

Of the many hundreds of satisfied customers, here is a short list of the most recent ones. (Complete list and details included with press kit, free on request.)

  • Allstate Insurance
  • Eastwood Bank
  • N.E.W. Credit Union
  • Hormel
  • HiVee Foods
  • Avera Health Services
  • Quantum Inc.
  • Stearns Co. Human Resources
  • Gateway Computers
  • World Data Products Inc.
  • Natl. Electric Contractors
  • Bank West
  • SuperValu
  • Arby's
  • General Mills
  • Norwest Consumer Banking
  • Minnesota Timberwolves
  • Washington Wizards

Recent Corporate Client Testimonials

It was the first time I saw that group give a standing ovation!
-- Bill Morrow
General Manager, Kentucky Fried Chicken

...have brought him back at least 5 times by popular demand. Truly spellbinding!
-- Gary Halling
Vice President of Sales, Pacific Visions International

School Programs: Hypnotism & Photographic Memory

When it comes to school programs, John-Ivan Palmer™ is the undisputed king. No other school programmer has achieved such an impressive list of awards and credentials. Mr. Palmer has been re-booked by popular demand at virtually all the schools at which he has performed—in many cases over 20 times!

John-Ivan Palmer’s™ school tours have been sold out for up to two years in advance through School Assembly Service, Inc. in Chicago and Dakota Assemblies, a division of North Dakota State University. His educational HYPNOSIS and PHOTOGRAPHIC MEMORY programs have been repeatedly endorsed by the State Student Council Conventions of Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin. He has had equal success in the college market (a long time member of NACA) and has performed at universities throughout the world.

  • Assemblies
  • Eve Shows
  • Post-Proms
  • Senior Banquets
  • Teacher Conventions
  • Student Council Events
  • FFA / FLA / Key Clubs
  • Homecoming
  • Holiday Programs
  • Snow Week
  • Educational Seminars

No other school programmer has achieved such an impressive list of awards and credentials. Mr. Palmer has been re-booked by popular demand at virtually ALL the schools at which he has performed—in many cases over 20 times!

  • National Association for Campus Activities (NACA)
  • Minnesota Association of Student Councils
  • Wisconsin Association of School Councils
  • Iowa Association of Student Councils
  • Attorney General, State of Minnesota
  • Wisconsin Science Teachers
  • Iowa Athletic Association
  • Department of Education, Ho-Chunk Nation
  • Northwest Synod of Wisconsin
  • Minnesota Department of Education
  • Minnesota Future Leaders of America
  • University of Minnesota
  • Key Club International
  • Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod Youth
  • United Synagogue Youth

Recent School Testimonials

Content extremely appropriate. A meaningful message participants can apply to their own lives.
-- State of Minnesota
Office of Attorney General

One thousand delegates thought it was absolutely terrific!
-- Don Larson
Wisconsin Association of School Councils



A brief list of recent Fair engagements:

  • Western Idaho Fair (held over 8 years)
  • Woodstock (Rhode Island) Fair (held over 4 years)
  • Central Washington State Fair
  • Chautauqua (New York) County Fair
  • Wisconsin State Fair (held over 3 years)
  • LaCrosse (Wisconsin) Riverfest (held over 4 years)
  • South Dakota State Fair
  • Valley Fair (Minnesota) (22 weeks)
  • Clark County Fair (Washington)
  • Yuba (California) Sutter Fair
  • Shasta (California) Co Fair (held over 2 years)
  • Siskayou (California) County Fair (held over 5 years)
  • South Dakota State Fair
  • Marin County (California) Fair

Jack Pyle

Magician & Escape Artist, by his son, John-Ivan Palmer

Jack Pyle was born John Paul Pyle on November 24, 1909 in the Ohio River town of Rockport, Indiana. Early, undated press clippings report him performing at a Kiwanis club in Rockport, probably in 1940. Later (also undated) press clips have him performing in the Navy's 52nd Defense Battalion in the Marshall Islands. All mention him doing card tricks.

In Honolulu during the war he made friends with a mysterious Japanese magician, identified in a news article as "Tenkai." This may have been Tenkai Ishida. Whoever it was, the Japanese magician was under house arrest (because of his nationality) and my father was recovering from scarlet fever. How they got together is not known, but they may have been in the same hospital. They spent their days studying each other’s card manipulations while the world blew itself up around them.

In the 1950’s he performed with the great Harry Blackstone in Kansas City and thereafter appeared at such prestige venues as the Copacabana, the Waldorf Astoria, the Palmer House and the Playboy Clubs. He traveled on USO tours around the world and appeared at one time or another with virtually all the stars of his day.

In the 1960's he began to work in a new market known as "trade shows" along with the legendary Don Allen, Jimmy Grippo and Del Ray. His close-up magic was known for its simplicity of technique, but complexity of psychological impact. Bold misdirection became his trademark. He was one of the regulars at Ed Marlo's ultra-secret Knights of Sleights Roundtable in Chicago.

During the last 25 years of his career he was managed by the Charles Hogan Agency in Chicago, the same agency that booked Bob Hope. In spite of deteriorating health, he continued performing until a few weeks before he died in Tampa, Florida. By that time he had given away all his possessions and destroyed all his magic props and secrets. The only thing he owned at his death was a deck of cards he clutched in his hand.

In his obituary in Genii, the publication of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, he was quoted as saying he wanted the following written on his gravestone:

Jack Pyle, Magician. If he gets out of this one, he'll be a hard act to follow.

His ashes were dispersed in the Gulf of Mexico.

A Rare Glimpse of Jack in Action

See More Photos of Jack

  • jack1
    Jack Pyle, "Master of Deception" (1909-1987)
  • jack2
    Barbara Arsulic Pyle (1914-1996), Jack's assistant & John-Ivan Palmer's mother
  • jack3
    Publicity photo, early 1950's
  • jack4
    Publicity photo, early 1950's
  • jack15
    Publicity photo, mid 1950's
  • jack7
    Jack & Barbara doing the Houdini Trunk Escape, 1958
  • jack8
    With broken leg, performing his trademark Big Rabbit, 1960
  • jack9
    Jack Pyle & Harry Blackstone on radio, Kansas City, 1955
  • jack10
    Publicity brochure, early 1950's
  • jack11
    Publicity brochure, early 1950's
  • jack12
    A show business legend
  • jack13
    Ranked among the best
  • jack6
    Last publicity photo, early 1990's

Contact Information

Free Press Kit

To see the full scope of John-Ivan Palmer's™ long and varied career, please contact us for a free press kit, which includes a DVD of television appearances in the US and abroad, newspaper reviews and high level testimonials.

For booking information and available dates:

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Exclusive representation in Japan through Tomimasa Miyazaki, ACI Productions.